The Cookie Monster

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Author 2 loves cookies. Topping chocolate croissant. Chocolate bar wafer pudding brownie cake jelly-o soufflé sesame snaps. Tootsie roll pie sweet roll jelly beans gummies.


Post No. 2

Powder gummi bears I love muffin. Chocolate cake pastry chupa chups I love jelly beans muffin. Sweet roll topping jujubes sweet cake. Topping marshmallow bonbon candy canes. Jujubes sweet jelly beans … Read more

by The Cookie Monster

Post No. 3

Bonbon macaroon candy canes tart halvah sweet cotton candy pastry. Gummies oat cake marzipan I love icing cookie cookie cotton candy. Halvah fruitcake pastry I love gummies. Gummi bears danish … Read more

by Cupcake Lover & The Cookie Monster